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Product List
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Installation Details

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About Us

"Achievement is largely  the product of steadily raising one's levels of aspiration and expectation." ---- Jack Niklaus

GREENPOWER SOLUTIONS, an ISO 9001-2008 certified organisation, is a Genset Original Equipement Manufacturer (GOEM) of entire North-East region of India. The ISO Certificate was issued by JAS-ANZ, NewZealand. The main components like Prime Mover Engines are sourced from our principal company M/S Ashok Leyland Ltd.

We indigenously manufacture the sound-proof canopies, control panels, fuel tanks, base plates for a complete product of GRENPOWER generating sets having capacity from 10KVA to 2000 KVA, as per design and recommendation of M/S Ashok Leyland Ltd.

Our factory, situated at 8th Mile, G.S. Road, Baridua, Ri Bhoi District of Meghalaya State, which is 7Km away from Dispur, Guwahati, the capital of Indian state of Assam, is equipped with state-of-art apex machinery which includes CNC machines for uniformly punching, nibbling and bending the CRCA sheets used in manufacturing the canopies, control panels, fuel tanks, etc. There is also an 9 tank process for the purpose of de-rusting, degreasing & prospheting of the parts of the products before it goes for power coating(Painting) and heat chamber for necessary dry up and final treatement.

Our management with well trained engineers and supervisors controlling the skilled/semi-skilled workers in the manufacturing unit, is based on the truely world class system, which excels with a close-knit-family like working environment. The entire staff is a united team which, by heart, belongs to the GREENPOWER family.

Over and above everything else, our team of quality analysts (QA) ensure that every Generating set, that leaves the factory, fulfills all the quality standards set by the principal company M/S Ashok Leyland Ltd., which are trusted by generations and tested by time.


At GREENPOWER unit, we value our customers more than anything else. That is exactly why we offer a plethora of support services which includes --

  1. Continuous Service of our own Product as a Genset Original Equipement Manufacturing (GOEM) of Ashok LeyLand Ltd.
  2. Supplier Coordination and trouble shooting for an ultimate complete solution to Customer.
  3. End-User equipement servicing through company trained & reliable Service Engineers & making availability of genuine spare parts.
  4. We are responsible up to life of the GREENPOWER generators as per company policy.

Greenpower Solutions is situated at 140 meters away from G.S.Road (Guwahati Shillong Road), Buridua, Meghalaya, Very near to Guwahati (7km from Dispur Capital Complex, Guwahati, Assam), streatching over 40 thousand sq. ft. area to house the shop floor, stores, canteen and administrative building. At Greenpower, capability is a relative term, because we keep trying to enhance our capabilities with every challenge we face. Still, in terms of capability, we currently have some of the best equipments required to manufacture genset, canopies & other components.

Here's a list of what we have:

Computerised Numerical Control (CNC) machines-Turrent Punch.

Computerised Numerical Control (CNC) machines-Press Break.

Welding Units.

Grinding Units.

Powder-coating Plant comprises of:

  • 9 tank pre-treatement process
  • Powder Coating paint-booth
  • Heat chamber with heat Exchanger.

Panel section (Powder coating body) unit.

Electrical Unit.

Assembly unit.

Testing unit with resistive load bank.

Each of these units are managed by supervisors with a team of skilled and semi-skilled workers. The paint booth and heat chamber are interlinked with wheel-trolley mounted rails. The final processes which include assembling and testing the units are done by highly qualified and experienced engineers in presence of Quality Analysts. Our QA team stops further production processes or final despatch, unless it satisfy their quality standards. Continuous quality upgradation by action & review is the normal process of working of Greenpower Solutions.